ScrumMaster: Does he need technical skills?


Which skills a ScrumMaster should have? Besides the classic skills like moderation, assertiveness and sensitivity there is repeatedly the question whether a ScrumMaster needs technical knowledge. This is a very polarizing question.

The original task of a ScrumMaster is to ensure the Scrum process. Part of this is the organization and moderation of the meetings, to nurture and protect the team and – of course – to remove impediments. For all of this tasks there is no need of a technical background. But to make this post meaningful we want to look on a scenario that change the view on this.

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Writing technical blogs

If you are an author writing technical blogs you know the problems:

  • the rich text editors doesn’t support editing source code very well
  • the most editors doesn’t support tabs (useful for XML)
  • often your formatted sourcecode will be shot

But now we are living in the age of social coding. Since GitHub we are knowing that our code can be forked, commented and reviewed by all users in the internet ;)
But GitHub has another nice feature named GIST. A Gist is a repository containing one or more code snippets. This is versioned like your other sourcecode and every Gist is public and can be used as simple code in your blog posts.

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Creating RESTful webservices with the Spring Framework

With the Spring Framework you can easily create RESTful webservices. This is built-in the MVC part of Spring. In this post I show you how to configure this and offer the consumer the response as XML and as JSON.

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