Using Google’s webfonts

If you are searching for a cool font for your website you have at least 2 problems:

  1. Where to find a cool font with a adequate licence (OpenSource, Public Domain and so on)
  2. How do I manage that all visitors of my website this font have installed?

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Copy and paste code into Eclipse

There is a cool feature in Eclipse: You can paste code you copied from antoher website into a source folder of Eclipse and all needed resources will be created:

  • Package structure
  • Class/Interface/Enum
  • Code will be pasted into the newly created file

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[Agile Backoffice Series] Introduction

This article series describes the Agile Backoffice environment. STOP! Agile… what? Ok. Let us start with some details about the Agile Backoffice.

The Agile Backoffice

If you start working agile – mostly you use Scrum as first agile method – you and your team are very motivated to do this in a very agile way. The tasks are all pinned on a wall or a whiteboard, a continuous integration will be setup, the project know how will be shared in internal discussions. This works fine for a small team workingalways together in one location.

If you take a look around you see a lot of companies where this optimal conditions not exists. The teams are divided in different locations – different rooms, different floors, different locations. If your team splitted i such a way a whiteboard with pinned tasks are not a reasonable solution. Additionally to this you have a management interested in the progress of your work. For this requirements you need some tools supporting you. But you should use tools adaptable to your processes and not tools you must adaptable your processes to.

The central tool I choose for the Agile Backoffice is Atlassian Jira. It is the single proint of interest. In this tool you can see all requirements, the stories and the belonging tasks. Additionally you can get informations about changed (re)sources, running builds and – the most important – the status of a task, a story or requirement. You have a powerful reporting and a wide support for development tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio.

Bit only with Jira you can’t get the result you wish. You need a continuous integration, a source control management, a repository for the deployable artifacts. Additionally you want to review and mesure the quality of your code. For this approaches there are tools but this tools should all be connected together, so there are based on the same data.

This is the goal of the Agile Backoffice and this series of articles. So stay tuned.