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Creating RESTful webservices with the Spring Framework

With the Spring Framework you can easily create RESTful webservices. This is built-in the MVC part of Spring. In this post I show you how to configure this and offer the consumer the response as XML and as JSON.

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Spring and Annotations

The Spring-Framework is a non-invasive framework. This means you can develop pure POJOs without any dependencies to the framework. You don’t need implement any interface nor you need to extend any base classes. However there are a lot of useful classes and interfaces provided by Spring – do you know the HibernateTemplate? – so you can use them if you want but you aren’t forced to use them.

If you remember the Spring 1.x stream without use of these templates make it very difficult to implement DAOs. This is much better with Spring 2 and JPA. For now you need only to inject an EntityManager and use the methods of them. That’s very nice, because of the EntityManager is a class out of the JPA/EJB3 standard.

Since Spring 2 there are annotation support. Not only standardized annotations are supported. Spring provides his own annotations. This is not so nice, because the use of this annotations makes your PoJos depend on Spring.

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