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Snow Leopard Update 10.6.5 breaks some Mail plugins

If you recently updated to Snow Leopard 10.6.5 you can see an alert at starttime of Mail. In this alert Mail says that he disabling some plugins. At my MBP the candidates were Letterbox, Herald and GPG. Bit there is a quick workaround for this:

Navigate with finder to /Users/USER_NAME/Library/Mail. There are many directories. Here you search for the disabled mailbundle. Some of the directories are namend Bundle (deactivated*). In this kind of directory Mail moved the plugins. After you found the mailbundle open it with the command Show Contents and navigate to the Info.plist. Open it with a double click and add to entries to the section SupportedPluginCompatabilityUUID. The both entries must have this values:

  • BDD81F4D-6881-4A8D-94A7-E67410089EEB
  • 857A142A-AB81-4D99-BECC-D1B55A86D94E

Close the PList-Editor and restart Mail. All plugins should be enabled.

To Assure iTunes on Mac to play other media formats

iTunes on Mac only plays some native formats: AIFF, WAV, Apple Lossless, AAC und MP3. But there are other platforms like Windows and Linux with ohter media formats like .wma, .flac and the famous .ogg.

If you want to play this formats with itunes you can install some software:

This works only for iTunes. If you want to play such items on your iPad/iPhone you need a converter to convert is to mp3. For this approach your can use Switch.

Installing git-svn with Macports

I am using a Macbook. Now I want to play with GIT and the Subversion-Support of this. After some searching with Google I found this Blog-Entry. If mentioned there is is very easy to install git-svn:

  • Install Darwinports
  • install subversion-perlbindings
  • install git-core +svn

Instead of Darwinports I want to use Macports. There is a image for SnowLeopard you can download here. After the installation it were very easy to use Macports. The next step is to uínstall the subversion-perlbindings. This is done with a

sudo port install subversion-perlbindings

and some time. This works very fine…I thought :(
The problem begins with the installation of git-core +svn.

sudo port install git-core +svn

stops with an error if curl should be installed:

Error: Target org.macports.destroot returned: error copying
 file already exists

After some searching with Google I found this Bugentry. The solution was to install zlib +universal first. But this doesn’t work for me :(
So I decided to uninstall all of Macport and start a new try:

sudo port -f uninstall installed
sudo rm -rf \
    /opt/local \
   /Applications/DarwinPorts \
   /Applications/MacPorts \
   /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.macports.* \
   /Library/Receipts/DarwinPorts*.pkg \
   /Library/Receipts/MacPorts*.pkg \
   /Library/StartupItems/DarwinPortsStartup \
   /Library/Tcl/darwinports1.0 \
   /Library/Tcl/macports1.0 \

At next I am reinstalling the Macport image followed by

sudo port install subversion-perlbindings
sudo port install zlib +universal
sudo port install git-core +svn

And it works :)